DIY Clay Face Mask

DIY Clay Face Mask
(store-bought or from a plant, juice might work too, omit water if using juice)
1 t. Water 
Mix ingredients together until you have a yogurt like consistency. Spread the mask evenly onto your face (avoiding the eye area) and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This dries very quickly and gets very tight. Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth. You can do this about twice a week to help clean out pores, blackheads, and heal acne. 

*I would suggest leaving the mask on for only 5 minutes until your skin adjusts to, or you feel comfortable with how your skin reacts to, the bentonite clay. If it burns at all, wash it off with warm water immediately. You can always test your inner wrist and wait 10 minutes to see how your skin will react to these ingredients, before applying it over a larger area of skin. 

*Do not use a metal spoon or bowl to mix bentonite clay. Use plastic, glass, or wooden objects only. 

Why these ingredients? Check out these links - Bentonite Clay | Aloe Vera | Apple Cider Vinegar

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