DIY Body Wrap

DIY Body Wrap
If there is a beauty product I use, but might be able to make myself, I almost always do my research and try to recreate it at home! I have seen the before and after photos of people who were super successful at losing weight and inches by consistently using the body wrap products you purchase from a distributor. I have used those same body wraps, but without the same amount of success. How many wraps did I use, you ask? I used the body wrap 14 separate times, they were all the same brand of body wrap, 12 were used on the same area of my body, and I used them all exactly like the product packaging had directed.

I am NOT saying that the body wrap product I purchased doesn't work at all, or that it doesn't work successfully for other people. I am NOT saying that you shouldn't purchase the product and try it for yourself. I AM saying that I have no personal before and after photos to show people, because the after wasn't drastically different enough from the before, so it didn't show up clearly in any picture.

What happened for me as a result of using the product was a loss of 2 inches, not weight in pounds, just inches, and only for a temporary amount of time. However, for someone who isn't overweight, that is a lot, but for me, at my size, it is not that noticeable.

After my 14th wrap purchase, I decided to try and make a homemade version. I used my DIY Body Wrap twice, on two different areas of my body, and my results were basically the same as when I used the body wraps that I purchased from a distributor. I lost 2 inches, and here is how I did it...
1.) Exfoliate (using a dry brush or sugar scrub) and apply a hot wash cloth (or take a hot shower) to prep the area of skin you want to wrap.

2.) Whisk Together: 3 T. Jergens Skin Firming lotion, 1 T. Coconut Oil (room temperature is ok, it will melt a little while mixing), 1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 T. Epsom Salt, 2 t. Ground Cinnamon, and 1 bag of green tea (open the bag and use just the tea leaves).

** Optional: You can add 4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to the lotion mixture for added cellulite healing benefits. You can also use a paper towel to spread the lotion mixture onto, and then place the paper towel with the mixture on the area of skin you want to wrap.
I did the wrap once without the lemon EO and a paper towel, and once with both. My results were the same/very similar each time. I thought that the paper towel method was messier (which I found interesting, because I assumed it would make the whole thing cleaner and easier, but it did not).

3.) You will also need enough Saran Wrap to go around the area you want to wrap 3-4 times.

4.) Spread the lotion mixture onto the area of skin you want to tighten up (or a paper towel), but do not rub it into your skin. Wrap several layers of saran wrap on top of the lotion mixture (or paper towel, if using) and leave it wrapped for 1 hour. If you will be walking or moving around a lot, an ace bandage will help keep the wrap in place. You will sweat (that is sort of the point) so drink plenty of water (a minimum of 10 oz while wrapping) to stay hydrated.

5.) After an hour, remove the wrap and wipe off the remaining lotion mixture with a warm wash cloth. Apply a little more Jergens Skin Firming lotion and you're done!

You can repeat this once a week to help maintain the firming effects, I don't believe that using it more often than that will benefit much. I used a cloth tape measurer before and after to measure how many inches I had lost. This is a temporary solution to help slightly tighten a specific area. It is not a permanent weight loss solution. ** PLEASE NOTE... I would not apply this anywhere on (or too close) to your face. Some people have adverse reactions to applying lemon essential oil or cinnamon onto their skin, so test a small area of skin and wait 15 minutes to see how your skin reacts to these ingredients before wrapping a larger area of your body.

Why these ingredients? Through my research on DIY Body Wraps, I saw that the common denominator in all of them was some type of firming lotion. I added some other ingredients that I am a fan of and believe to be effective, but I did read that people had success with just the lotion and saran wrap, so you can always try that, too! Check out these links to see why I like these ingredients so much - | Jergens Skin Firming lotion | Coconut Oil | Apple Cider Vinegar | Epsom Salt | Cinnamon | Green Tea | Lemon Essential Oil |

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