A Letter

Dear Sweet Pea,

To our second foster placement, the little girl who stole our hearts!

Today you get to go back home, which is very exciting! You are likely not going to remember Mr. Man and I, but that is ok. We don't need you to remember us specifically. However, there are some things we do hope you to remember.

Please remember to smile as much, and as often as you can. I know you can smile, because you do it ALL. The. Time! I have seen you cry one second and decide to laugh the next, and it is a beautiful thing, (laughing is much more fun than crying anyway). I hope you still laugh and smile at the little things, even as you grow. Maybe you won't always laugh when someone says hiccup or splashes you with water in the pool... but I pray you find the joy in every situation and smile more than you frown.

Please remember how beautiful you are, inside and out. Yes, you are beautiful on the outside with adorable dimples, big bright brown eyes, long eyelashes that curl up and the most beautiful skin complexion! However, you are even more gorgeous on the inside! I love your curiosity! I love your will to learn, thrive, and grow! I love how you listen so intently when people speak! I love that you like to wiggle and dance when music is playing! These are beautiful qualities that I hope stick with you for the rest of your life!

Please remember how loved you are! You are loved greatly by your family who is so excited and happy to have you home. You are greatly loved by everyone who had the opportunity to care for you! Your daycare worker cried on your last day because she was going to miss you so much! You are greatly loved by all of our friends and family, especially Mr. Man and I's mom's. They LOVED getting to spend time with you each week! You are greatly loved by Mr. Man and I!!! You made us parents. You taught us so much about how to love and care for a baby. You taught us how to laugh more, slow down, and take naps. We will always look back on these last 7 months and consider them an immense blessing, because we got to know and spend our days with you! BUT... above all else, I hope you know how greatly loved you are by Jesus. He loves you more than anyone ever can, or will. I hope you grow to know His love and to be so fulfilled in that love, and that you let His love guide you through the rest of your days!

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